Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

Traditional dry saunas use either wood stoves or 220-V heaters to heat the air. On the other hand, far infrared saunas utilize 120-V infrared elements to heat the air and objects the waves come directly into contact with, such as the human body and its tissues.

Because infrared heat penetrates more deeply than warmed air, users establish a more strenuous sweat at a lower temperature than they would in traditional saunas. The cardiovascular demand which involves sweating, vasodilation, decreased after load, increased heart rate, and increased cardiac output is similar to that achieved by running. It is for this reason that far infared saunas are very beneficial to those who are stationary and inactive as a result of various medical conditions, such as arthritis or heart or respiratory problems.

One of the biggest singular benefits that a far infrared sauna possesses is that they do not require large, dangerous heating elements. This makes them both more convenient to place into your home due to space constraints, and probably safer as well.

This is a benefit of the design of infrared saunas, and more a matter of convenience and safety instead of healthfulness.

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