Sauna Belts

While we do not actually suggest sauna belts for weight loss, they are often convenient for loosening up tension in the back without having to step into a full sized sauna. As one can clearly see there is a very large variety of different sauna belts to be had. Many of them specifically mention weight loss, however, it may be easy to confuse the loss of water weight with actual burning of fat.

Nevertheless, these products may be useful if you suffer from pain in your midsection. A lot of people have asked us whether or not they work. There are likely to be no side effects from sauna belts, even though their effect on weight loss is likely minuscule. To repeat, sauna belts are probably not very effective for weight loss. However, any time you sweat your heart does likely race to some degree, and this increased pumping probably does burn a few extra calories.

Without having reviewed the sauna belts thoroughly, it is hard to say which is the best. However, the most popular belts are: the velform sauna belt, and the sauna pro 3 personal sauna belts.

If you would like to see reviews of these products, you may click through on the amazon pages and some of them do have reviews. The way in which these belts work is they have heating pads that simply heat the areas they touch.

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