Dry Sauna Health Benefits

Traditional dry saunas use a wood stove to heat the air between 85-110°C. Whereas, Infared Saunas use infrared elements to heat the air, causing a deeper sweat at a lower temperature. There is a vast amount of research indicating the panacea of sauna health benefits. For example, research studies have shown that daily sauna use can help treat congestive heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases, including high blood pressure and coronary risk factors.

Numerous research studies have indicated sauna benefits also include alleviation of chronic pain, including fibromyalgia. This is highly likely to be due to the massive increase in beta endorphins, even more than runner’s high endorphins.

Sauna weight loss benefits are yet another reason to use the sauna daily. In addition, sauna therapy also helps treat inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and diabetes and other skin conditions.

Many individuals believe that one of the advantages of dry saunas is a type of detoxification process. While this very well may be true because of the massive amounts of water being actively shoved through the skin, there hasn’t, in fact, been a whole lot of high profile research demonstrating this to be factual. It does indeed seem to make a certain degree of sense and it mightn’t be a huge surprise if one day some scientific literature happens to show this common belief to be true. At this point in history our everyday environment including our water supply, and even foods contain things that should not be eaten. BPA, for example, is found in many plastic containers and canned foods and has been showing up in the news a lot recently.

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