Sauna Heaters – Infrared, Non-Infrared & Finnish

Sunburst Heaters

The Sunburst Infrared Heater features the Solocarbon technology, which has been clinically proven to increase body temperature, promote weight loss, and decrease blood pressure.

Sauna heaters have gone through many changes since the advent of sauna therapy in years past. Saunas have been around for decades, and as such have accumulated a variety of interesting folk tales. The very first type of sauna heaters were used in what are now called “smoke saunas,” and consisted of heating a pile of rocks up by burning wood in the room near the rocks for many hours, and before use simply allowing the room to air most of the smoke out.

The electric sauna heater was not introduced until the 1950s. Since then another form of sauna heater has also branched off from the traditional electrical form, and that is the infrared sauna heater. Infrared sauna heaters emit infrared or far infrared spectrum light and, instead of heating the air, heat the body directly through contact with these waves.

One of the benefits of infrared (or far infrared) sauna heaters is that they do not require as much space as the older style of electrical heaters. Instead of all of the heat coming from one central unit, infrared can be emitted from relatively thin panels placed into the walls of the sauna structure. These panels are also safer and decrease the likelihood of fire.

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