Sauna Weight Loss

Using a sauna for weight loss is a contentious issue, despite how popular sauna use in general is. Few would argue against the fact that the majority of the weight loss you w ill see on a scale is simply water loss. However, saunas do elevate the heart rate in an attempt to cool the body down. This, of course, requires energy input. At least in this respect, one can be sure that sitting in a sauna requires more energy than sitting stationary watching the television.

There has also been a number of studies showing that heat conditioning improves insulin resistance in mouse models of diabetes.² Since a common symptom of diabetes is, in fact, weight gain, this might seem to show another significant mechanism in which using a sauna might help improve your chances of either losing weight or remaining at a healthy weight by keeping your insulin levels in check.

Sitting in an infrared sauna for 15-30 minutes results in an increased cardiac demand due to a thermoregulatory response.

This means that there is a dramatic increase in heart rate (even more than vigorous running), increased cardiac output, increase sweating, and vasodilation. Since increased heart rate is a product of cardiovascular exercise, this results in direct calorie burning and weight loss. Some sources suggest that a 30 minute sauna session may burn up to 600 calories.

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